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1974 Laguna Type S-3 - Owner: Brad Miller
1974 Laguna Type S-3 - Owner: Brad Miller

Available Models.
Following is a listing of the available models in the 1974 Chevelle Laguna line-up, including the body model code for each. An "N/A" means that vehicle configuration was not available.

Laguna Type S-3 Colonnade

These breakdowns were obtained from "Chevrolet: The Complete History" by The Auto Editors of Cosumer Guide. In 1973, a Super Sport option was available in the Chevelle lineup on the Malibu and the Malibu wagon, however Chevrolet dropped the SS and replaced it in 1974 with the Laguna Type S-3. The Super Sport option was available only on the El Camino after 1973.

Lagunas Produced Total Chevelles
Laguna Type S-3 Coupe V8 15,792 265,943

Engine Options.
This chart shows engine and transmission options plus the horsepower ratings which were available in the Laguna Type S-3 for 1974. These figures came from Chevrolet documentation and I assume them to be accurate.

Option Code
Transmission Options
350/2bbl V8 (1)
3-Speed Manual (standard)
Turbo Hydramatic (optional)
145 h.p.
350/4bbl V8 (2)
3-Speed Manual (standard)
Turbo Hyrdamatic (optional)
160 h.p.
400/2bbl V8 (1)
Turbo Hydramatic
150 h.p.
400/4bbl V8 (2)
Turbo Hyrdamatic
180 h.p.
454/4bbl V8 (3,4)
4-Speed Manual (5)
Turbo Hydramatic
235 h.p.
Notes: (1) Not available in State of California. (2) Available only when California Emission Equipment is ordered. (3) California Emission Equipment required in State of California. (4) Available only with power brakes, heavy-duty battery and power steering. (5) Available only with Special Front and Rear Suspension - RPO F40 (except on Laguna Type S-3, or in Malibu Classic and Malibu models equipped with radial ply tires.)

Color Options.
An interior and exterior selection chart for color combinations, codes and availability for 1974 Laguna Type S-3. I am working on a more comprehensive chart which will contain color codes as well. This chart gives a general idea.

Accent Striping
Vinyl Roof *
Tuxedo Black
Bronze Metallic
Medium Red Metallic
Silver Metallic
Dark Taupe Metallic
Antique White
Cloth and vinyl:
Dark Red
Black/White Sport Cloth with mixed-tone seating areas

All vinyl:
Dark Red
Medium Red Metallic
Golden Brown Metallic
Antique White
Red (Dark)
Saddle (Medium)
Silver Taupe
1974 Notes: (1) Swivel Bucket Seats standard on Laguna Type S-3. (2) Striping depends on interior/exterior and vinyl roof color combinations. (3) Stripes cover wheel openings, body sill and front lower end. *Laguna Type S-3 available only with vinyl roof option until early 1974.

RPO Codes.
RPO, or Regular Production Order, options are a list of options that are available at the time that an order is placed for a vehicle. These are the items the dealer checks off on the order sheet. I believe this list is fairly complete and is comprised of the options that were available for Chevelles, Wagons and El Caminos for 1974. If you know of any other RPO codes and don't see them listed, please email me and I will add them to the list.

Code Option Code Option
A01 Body Glass, Tinted M38 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
A02 Windshield Glass M40 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
A20 Swing Out Rear Quarter Window N31 Sport Styled Steering Wheel
A31 Window Electric Control N33 Steering Wheel, tilt type
A42 Front Seat Electric Control, 6-way N41 Hydraulic Steering Variable Ratio
A90 Rear Compartment Lid Release Electric Control N65 Space Saver Spare Wheel and Tire
AK1 Deluxe Seat Belts and Shoulder Harness N95 Simulated Wire Wheel Trim Cover
AN7 Front Seat, Swivel P01 Wheel Trim Cover
AU3 Power Door Lock PA3 Special Wheel Trim Cover
AU6 Electric Liftgate Lock Release PE1 Special Styled Urethane/Steel Turbin Wheel 14x7
B37 Floor Mats PE2 15x7 Wheel Custom
B44 Loose Load Floor Carpet QDR GR78-15-B, Steel Belt Radial Tires
B80 Roof Drip Moulding QEH E78-14-B, w/Stripe Tires
B84 Body Side Mouldings QEL HR78-15-B, Steel Belt Radial Tires
B93 Door Edge Guards QGF G78-14-B, w/Letter Tires
B96 Mouldings Wheel Opening QGK G78-14, Belted Tires
BX8 Mouldings uses w/Two-Tone Paint QGL G78-14, w/Striped Tires
BZH Interim Equipment Charge QHE G78-14, Belted Tires
BZM Delete Power Steering QHF G78-14-B, w/Stripe Tires
C08 Exterior Soft Trim Roof Cover QQZ HR70-15-B, Steel Belt Radial Tires
C50 Rear Window Defroster and Defogging QRM GR70-15, Steel Belt Radial W
C51 Rear Window Air Deflector QRN GR70-15, Steel Belt Radial
C60 Air Conditioning, all weather QRV HR70-15-B, Steel Belt Radial Tires
CA1 Sun Roof Electric QRZ GR70-15, Steel Belt Radial W/L
CB1 Exterior Soft Trim Cover U05 Dual Horn
D24 Litter Container U14 Instrument Panel Gauges
D33 Outside Rear View Mirror LH Remote Control U35 Electric Clock
D34 Visor Vanity Mirror U58 AM-FM Sterephonic
D35 Outside Rear View Mirror, LH, Custom Remote Control U63 Radio, push-buttons
D55 Front Compartment Floor Console U69 Radio, AM-FM, push-button
D91 Front End Paint Stripe U76 Windshield Antenna
F40 Heavy Duty Front and Rear Suspension U80 Auxiliary Speaker
G80 Rear Axle, Positraction UA1 Heavy Duty Battery
G92 Rear Axle, 3.08 Ratio UM1 AM Pushbutton Radio and Tape Player
G95 Differential Carrier, 3.55 Ratio UM2 AM-FM Pushbutton Radio and Tape Player
J50 Vacuum Power Brake V01 Heavy Duty Radiator
K30 Speed and Cruise Control V30 Bumper Guards
K76 61 Amp. Generator, Delcotron V55 Roof Luggage Carrier
L22 L-6 Engine, 250 cu. in. VE5 Bumper Impact Strip
L65 V-8 Engine, 350 cu. in. (2 bbl. carb.) YA2 Estate Model
L90 Low Compression engine, 6 cyl. (export) YD1 Trailering Rear Axle Ratio
LF6 V-8 Engine, 400 cu. in. (2 bbl. carb LD) YJ9 Exterior Decor
LM1 V-8 Engine, 350 cu. in. (4 bbl. carb, regular fuel) Z15 SS 454 (Option available only on El Camino)
LS4 V-8 Engine, 454 cu. in. (4 bbl .carb.) ZJ7 Special Wheel, Hub Cap and Trim Ring
LT4 V-8 Engine, 400 cu. in. (4 bbl .carb.) ZJ9 Auxiliary Lighting Group
M21 4-Speed Transmission, close ratio    

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